My New Favourite Mixing Bowls!

I was given a set of these bowls for my birthday by a friend, and within days they had replaced my “usual” mixing bowls as my favourites and I asked my friend where she had found them so I could go and get another set!

click, love to bake, mixing bowls

They’re available exclusively from Clicks in their Love To Bake range, and I now have a brightly coloured set and a pastel coloured set!

There are 4 bowls in the set for just R95, and here’s what I love about them:

  • They have a wide pouring lip on one side.
  • They have a handle the other side so you can hold it easily while you’re mixing or pouring.
  • They’re lightweight so even when they’re full, lifting and pouring is easy.
  • They are microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • They don’t stain – food colouring is potent stuff you know!
  • They’re deep so you don’t splatter batter or icing everywhere.
  • The base of the bowl is rounded so you don’t get batter stuck in the corners and they are easy to scrape!

They’re just plain fabulous I think!

As per my Lady Bloggers pledge – I am clearly stating here that I was not asked or paid to write any blog posts about Clicks stores or products.
I paid for my bowls just like everybody else does!
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