An Experiment With Apples!

I love trying new recipes, but baking for fun has gotten so expensive I rarely have the opportunity anymore.

Last weekend though, I was entertaining so I went digging through my thousands of recipes and found this one – a caramel apple upside down cake!


It was very yummy indeed!
I’ll make a few changes when I make it again though. I’ll definitely make more of the caramel sauce and cook it slower so its more syrupy and soaks into the cake when I flip it over and I will definitely peel the apples. I go strictly by the recipe and peeling wasn’t stipulated, but you can’t just glide a cake for through an apple skin!
Ooh and I will serve it with whipped cream! It will be divine as a warm dessert!

I think I’ll be adding this one to my pricelist so give me a scream if you think you’d like to try it.


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