Roulette Anyone!?

This is a 6 layer rainbow velvet cake filled with cream cheese icing and a raspberry butter icing, made for Thandi’s Vegas-themed birthday party! All edible and all handmade by me!

Its a 12″ cake so by the time it was finished it weighed a ton!


20141018_watermark_070105 20141018_watermark_070316 20141018_watermark_070409 20141018_watermark_070436

Thandi also ordered some Oreo cupcakes for her guests – a chocolate cupcake with an Oreo in the bottom, topped with my vanilla butter icing and covered in dark chocolate.


And she ordered vanilla cupcakes and carrot cupcakes in jars for her guests to take home with them.

20141017_watermark_120257 20141017_watermark_163826


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