How To Cut A Cake!

Thats a silly title isn’t it, why would cutting a cake warrant a whole blog post! You just use a knife and slice it up, right!?
Believe it or not, there is more to it!

When you order a cake from a cake artist like me, and you would like the cake to serve 20 or 30 people, we calculate those portions in 5x5cm squares for a sponge cake, or 2.5x5cm blocks for a fruit cake.
If you aren’t sure how to cut your cake you may not get enough portions out of it.
Instead of cutting your cake into the wedges most of us use, your celebration or wedding cake should be cut along these lines to get the optimal number of servings out of it:


~~ graphic by Pam’s Tiers of Joy ~~

And cutting your cake this way means you should have a much easier time wrapping your cake in clingfilm in order to freeze any leftovers!

If you have a cake with more than one tier, typically a wedding or celebration cake, each tier usually has its own cake board underneath it, and using a spatula you can lift the tiers off of each other in order to cut them. The cake tiers are also usually supported with wooden or plastic dowels, and once you have de-stacked your cake you must be sure to pull the supports out as you cut it, lest someone find something inedible in their slice!
Depending on the cake artists’s methods and the weight of the cake you’ve ordered, you could find anything from 3 to 9 support dowels in your bottom cake tiers!
A two tier cake will have supports in the bottom tier (see below), a three tier cake will have supports in the bottom two tiers, and so on.


~ picture by SIMPLY KHAS ~

If you are ordering a wedding cake, it might also be a good idea to check with your venue as to whether they will charge you to cut up your wedding cake for you.


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