My darling son turned 24 today!



When did that happen!?!

Since before he could talk, my son has had a fascination with sharks, and he’s currently doing all the requisite courses to become a Dive Instructor (he’s about to qualify as a Dive Master). He’s already done dives with sharks and apparently he’s a natural under the water, although I never doubted THAT!


My original idea for the cake was to make it a Great White… But I went a bit nuts with the carving it being my first shark-shaped cake, and it kinda turned into a cross between a bull shark and a Port Jackson shark!
As with every cake I do for the first time I learned a lot as I went along, and I am pretty pleased with it anyway.
And my son was very happy with his cake!
Its a chocolate cake filled with Oreo buttercream and it was delicious – once we convinced him to actually cut it!

20150405_161251 20150405_161408


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