Try A Cupcake-In-a-Jar!

This is very popular for party favours and wedding favours, and its great if you want to take a treat somewhere and you have to drive for a while.

These ones have pink ribbons and white spoons, and are filled with cappuccino cupcakes with cappuccino icing, vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing, and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing!

cupcake-in-a-jar, pink ribbons, white spoons, cappuccino cupcakes, cappuccino icing, vanilla, vanilla icing, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate icing These ones have gold ribbons and wooden spoons (which are hard to find sometimes so not always available), and are filled with vanilla and chocolate marble cupcakes with chocolate icing, and vanilla and red velvet marble cupcakes with cream cheese icing!

cupcake-in-a-jar, gold ribbons, wooden spoons, vanilla chocolate marble cupcakes, chocolate butter icing, vanilla red velvet marble cupcakes, cream cheese icing



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