R&B’s Woodlands Wedding

Bianca and Reinaldo got married at Cradle Valley Guesthouse in March, and treated their guests to a delicious selection!

My delectable chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing was decorated with sugar paste to look like a tree stump with a heart “carved” into the side bearing the couple’s initials, R&B.
The couple provided the cake topper.

My almost-famous cupcake-in-a-jar is perfect for wedding favours, and Bianca and Reinaldo ordered funfetti cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla marble cupcakes, cappuccino cupcake, chocolate cupcakes, and vanilla cupcakes, and had brown and beige ribbons on the jars. They provided the stickers for the sides of the jars and Reinaldo got down to work sticking them on after they had finished decorating the hall and Bianca went off to get dolled up!


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