Sugar in Wonderland

These red velvet and vanilla marble cupcakes were topped with brightly-coloured,
handmade, sugar paste cupcake toppers – sugar paste domes with decorations,
completely covering the butter icing – little
teapots, toadstools, pocket watches, hearts, and top hats.

Midrand cake artist - cupcakes, cakes, and sugar art.

I also made several separate sugar pieces and cupcakes for this
Alice in Wonderland bridal shower – Mad Hatter top hats, a slightly crazy-looking mouse
that was to sit in a teacup, white rabbits in waistcoats diving down rabbit holes,
and Alice’s legs in the air with her petticoats billowing!

The cupcakes were Oreo (an Oreo in the bottom of a chocolate cupcake with
dark chocolate covered butter icing
), and refreshingly lemony G&T cupcakes!


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