“Beater Test” Results

Well, my results of the beta tests, not what people think of them… yet!

Heh heh…

Here is the result of the “strawberry fudge”!

I didn’t have the exact ingredient used in the American recipe I found (American fudge is chocolate), so I had to make a plan and invent my own… I think they’re rather nice!

strawberry fudge

The best part- the way I worked out my recipe- I can do these in vanilla (in any colour), strawberry (like the picture) and a coffee flavour!!

“Beater Test” Results

Well, my results of the beta tests, not what people think of them… yet!

Heh heh…

Here are the flourless dark chocolate cookies that Lloyd is taste-testing for me… They turned out flat and square instead of puffy and round, but delicious nonetheless!

flourless dark chocolate cookies

And here are the strawberry brownie cupcakes- not bad! Not bad at all!

brownie strawberry cupcakes

A “Beater Test” Cake!

This was a “spur of the moment” kind of beta test that Gnat_J was very kind to offer to taste for me! I spotted it on Pinterest and my predilection for berries and chocolate made it a must-try for me!

The butter icing and the cake are infused with a raspberry puree that I made myself (and ate what was left over) and with Gina’s permission I cut a slice out of it for tasting and for photography.

I loved it, and judging by her tweets, I think Gina did too: oh my, I think I need a private moment alone with my Raspberry Chocolate cake…. thanks @thecupcake_lady this is divine! 


raspberry cake

raspberry cake

Check out the gawjiss photo taken by Gina’s husband Paul Jacobson when I dropped the cake off yesterday!

Raspberry chocolate cake incident-2

Calling All “Beater Testers”!

Hopefully these will be Pinspirations and not Pinstrosities!


I love Pinterest (you can come and find me there) and there are SOOO many recipes and ideas that I want to try!

I am going to attempt to do my version of this set of “beta test” recipes and hopefully they won’t be complete disasters!

See below for the beta testing terms and conditions if you would like to taste test one or two of them.

Rainbow Cookies

one batch of 24 cookies R50

to be taste-tested by _Cybelle_

Lemon Neapolitan Cupcakes

one batch of 12 cupcakes R65

Strawberry Brownie Cupcakes

one batch of 12 cupcakes for R70

to be taste-tested by Lloyd


one batch of 12 lemon “brownies” R40

Skinny Chocolate Cake

one cake with a low fat icing (not yet specified) R110

Strawberry Fudge

one batch of between 12 and 24 sweets (depending on how they are cut) R25

to be taste-tested by _Cybelle_


one batch of between 12 and 24 sweets (depending on how they are cut) R25

Flourless Dark Chocolate Cookies

one batch of 12 cookies R40

to be taste-tested by Lloyd


The terms of beta testing are as follows:

  • If you want to try one of these recipes, there’s a small price to cover the cost of the ingredients, and each recipe is individually priced.
  • Only one batch of each recipe is available, so its first-comment-left-here-first-served. You must leave a comment on this post to tell me which one you would like to try.
  • I will then email you further details- an invoice, my EFT details, a collection date and my address and directions.
  • If you have done a beta-test in the last month then I am afraid you will have to give someone else a turn to try something.
  • You can only opt to test two of these recipes.
  • Your order will have to be collected from me in Midrand.
  • I will specify the collection date for the beta test.
  • Biscuits and sweets can wait for collection, but cakes, cheesecakes and cupcakes need to be collected the day they are baked, or a day later at most.
  • After you’ve sampled your beta test order- you must email me, write a blog post, or leave a comment and tell me what you thought- this is imperative as this is the whole point behind the beta-testing!

S’mores Cupcakes “Beater Test”

S’mores are a favourite treat for American families, especially when they’re out camping or sitting around a warm fireplace, and I just LOVE the combination of chocolate and marshmallow.

The trick with these particular cupcakes was baking them using Graham crackers to get their distinctive taste, without making them heavy and dry. It took a LOT of mixing and folding to make sure the batter stayed light and full of air!

Here they are as they came out of the oven- and as always I get a little tingle of satisfaction when a scratch recipe turns out with such perfection, especially if its the first time I bake it!

I love it when a recipe comes out of the oven perfectly first... on Twitpic S'mores cupcake anyone!? on Twitpic

Once they were cooled they were filled with my own version of “marshmallow fluff” as I was battling to find it on the shop shelves, and then topped with a sticky, rich chocolate ganache. Then immediately before serving I piped a marshmallowy icing on top which was then toasted in the oven to evoke the “fireside” taste of S’mores!!

And here they are, nicely posed with chocolate and Graham crackers!

s'mores cupcakes

These are quite a mouthful let me tell you! And I have already added them to my price list!