After the Birthday Party

In August I entered my first cake contest – the Hostess Pro Sugar Craft Cake Studio SACBW National Cake Decorating Competition – in support of iDuc.
My piece was called “After the Party“, with a teapot on a table, a cupcake, and little grey mice nibbling on candles and cookies, and relaxing in a cup of leftover tea.  

It was made with polystyrene dummies, not real cake, covered and decorated with handmade sugar paste pieces. I didn’t place (I knew I wouldn’t, I worked in a hurry and my precision suffered), but the judges loved the concept, and they loved my characters. One of the rules was to have the iDuc logo and colours on the cake. The colours weren’t hard to do – the pink, purple and mint green were easy to incorporate, and I turned the logo into the teabag tag (this was the only edible print permitted on the cake). 🙂

Here are a few pictures I took at the Hostess Pro Sugar Craft Cake Studio Cake Decorating Competition at Faircity Roodevallei Hotel on August 26th. There were some wonderful cakes on display, and each one was very carefully judged and scored.

Our Guide Dog Puppy Riggs went with us and he was an absolute superstar!


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Have a #CupcakeForMyHero to Spread Hope

I am DEFINITELY going to be supporting this particularly delicious initiative for sure – and I have a loooong list of heroes I will be writing on my hand!
Get yourself to Brooklyn Mall this weekend to support their campaign!

Cancer is primarily seen as an adult disease, however more and more children are being diagnosed. If detected early it is highly treatable, but locally it is estimated that less than half of children with cancer are diagnosed, and many of those who are diagnosed are in advanced stages of illness.


This Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, Mugg & Bean will construct a Wall of Generosity to bring South Africans together in support of those who have been affected by cancer at Brooklyn Mall, Pretoria on 24 and 25 September 2016.
Each visitor will receive a complimentary cupcake from the wall and be asked to write down the name of their ‘cancer hero’ – someone they know who has battled cancer – on their hand, and then pose for a picture holding up the cupcake with the other hand.


“We want to create something special where everyone can come together to spread hope; hope for those who have been affected, for those who are battling the disease and hope for the future,” said Lee-Ann Cullingworth, Marketing Executive for Mugg & Bean.
“By driving the conversation, we hope to raise awareness of the early warning signs to equip South Africans with the knowledge to identify possible symptoms and act quickly to ultimately save lives.”

The Wall of Generosity forms part of Mugg & Bean’s annual Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer initiative in support of Cupcakes of HOPE that aims to raise awareness and funds for families in need of assistance. #CupcakesForHope 

In addition to bringing together a community of supporters, Mugg & Bean also introduced a lemon meringue cupcake to its menu for the month of September 2016. The sweet treat is offering consumers a simple way to help change and save lives – all proceeds generated from the cupcake sales will be donated to Cupcakes of HOPE.

“We’ve surpassed our 2015 donation of R100,000 within the first week,” says Cullingworth. “We’re humbled by the phenomenal response and honoured to be part of such a worthy cause.”

To support Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer, enjoy your lemon meringue #CupcakeForMyHero at any Mugg & Bean, upload your picture of support using the hashtag to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, spread the generosity by donating to the cause or visit The Wall of Generosity on 24 – 25 September between 09:00 – 17:00 at Brooklyn Mall.

More Cupcakes For The @EpilepsySA #CupcakeChallenge

These were ordered by Carla for her sister Loanda – and Carla is in Malta!!!

I just love how I can do something special on behalf of someone who is too far away to do it in person!

Thank you Carla for supporting the Epilepsy Awareness Campaign! The profit from this order (and the other Epilepsy SA orders) will be paid over to Epilepsy SA at the end of the month.

As with the other orders for the campaign, these purple velvet cupcakes are baked in purple paper cups topped with the uber delectable cream cheese icing. Three of them may (or may not, teeheehee) have something extra special added to them…

They are all decorated with purple edible glitter, hundreds and thousands and little sparkly dragees, and then three of them are topped with extra special sugarpaste decorations- a handmade rose, a handmade awareness ribbon and little purple daisies.

purple velvet cupcakes, cream cheese icing, epilepsy sa cupcake challenge

purple velvet cupcakes, cream cheese icing, epilepsy sa cupcake challenge, handmade sugarpaste rose

purple velvet cupcakes, cream cheese icing, epilepsy sa cupcake challenge, handmade sugarpaste ribbon

purple velvet cupcakes, cream cheese icing, epilepsy sa cupcake challenge


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A Yummy Cupcake Selection

Bijal is a regular customer, and her latest order was for cappuccino cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes. The vanilla and chocolate cupcakes were topped with brightly coloured red, blue, yellow and green vanilla butter icing, and the cappuccino cupcakes were topped wit a delectable cappuccino icing!

cappuccino cupcakes, cappuccino butter icing

vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, bright colour vanilla butter icing

My son LOVES the cappuccino cupcakes! He could smell them even though they had only been in the oven for 5 minutes!

Bijal was also kind enough to order a batch of the special cupcakes that myself and Cupcake Mummy (who is in Cape Town) are selling in support the Epilepsy SA #CupcakeChallenge!

#CupcakeChallenge @EpilepsySA purple velvet with cream cheese

And thank you for the offer of a cup of tea Bijal- had I not had two cakes and a whole lot of cupcakes still to bake I would definitely have taken you up on it!