Chocolate Brownies In-A-Jar!

This is my latest offering and it is perfect for party favours, wedding favours, corporate gifts, gifts for teachers… just about anyone would enjoy getting one of these!

The jars will have a sticker on them bearing my logo and the baking instructions, and you can then add your own message tag to the ribbon (which I can also match to the colour of your choice as closely as possible).
The stickers can also be customised- to a degree- to include a personal message along with the instructions.

These brownies are super easy to make, with a yield of between 10 and 12 cupcake sized brownies. Personally, I like making brownies in cupcake trays because then all my brownies have that divine crispy outside and a gooey inside, and these jars are not big enough to fill a more traditional brownie pan.

chocolate brownie mix in a jar

brownie mix in-a-jar without nuts

chocolate brownie mix in a jar

brownie mix in-a-jar without nuts, with the dark & white chocolate “twin” chips, with added Smarties as an option

chocolate brownie mix in a jar

brownie mix in-a-jar with and without nuts

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I’ll Be On Holiday!

This year I will be closing up shop from

December 16th 2012


January 9th 2013

Any and all queries and emails received in that time will receive an auto-reply, and responded to in detail from January 9th 2013.

The last date for order collection or delivery is Saturday December 15th 2012, and the first day for orders is January 11th 2013.

My Christmas Cake!

Yuppiechef had a Festive Cake Icing challenge this year and as is typical of me, I left my entry to the very last minute!

I had a concept as soon as I heard about the competition. I wanted to do Santa on a tractor inner-tube in a pool with a beer in his hand, his clothes lying on the paving, a spike-collared Boerboel with a stocking in his mouth, a bag with gifts in lying abandoned on the grass- duties abandoned to an irresistible pool, he enjoys our South African sunshine!

But because I left it to the last minute I didn’t get it quite the way I wanted it and I had to adapt it a tad because I didn’t leave myself enough time…


Then I baked a chocolate cake, filled and covered it with ganache and then covered it with bright green sugarpaste “grass”. The Santa, the dog, the boots, the “stone” pool border, the gifts and Santa’s hat are all hand-sculpted sugarpaste. I wanted to do the pool water in piping gel but I didn’t get any in time so I had to make do with blue and white butter icing.

You can see the more than worthy winners here 2011 Festive Cake Icing Champs and I am very pleased that I got a special mention!


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Christmas-themed Cupcakes

These are vanilla and chocolate flavoured cupcakes in mistletoe covered paper cups! There are topped with red and white vanilla butter icing swirls sprinkled with a little glitter (of course) and decorated with various Christmas-themed sugarpaste decorations mounted on small sugarpaste discs.


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