I didn’t take part as a wedding planner, but I dropped off 6 dozen cupcakes of all kinds for the attendees to taste test!

There were coffee flavoured cupcakes with mini koeksister secret centres, chocolate cupcakes with strawberry secret centres. There were strawberry cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes with creme-caramel secret centres and red velvet cupcakes. I did vanilla butter icing, cream cheese icing and chocolate butter icing. And I used all sorts of different decorations including fondant flowers, fresh raspberries and cherries.

I’m hoping the brides and wedding planners who are taking part in the speed-date-a-wedding-planner day will all be future customers!


A Bloggirls Christmas

These were regular chocolate cupcakes, which I decorated with cream cheese icing and little fondant gift boxes.

The bloggirls logo was pink and black, so I made little pink “boxes” and covered them with glitter, then made little black bows to go on top of the boxes. These then went on top of the cupcakes.

They looked rather pretty when I was finished.


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Under The Sea

I did these gawjiss little things for a friend’s little boy, who was turning one. At the time he loved all things marine, so she asked for “under the sea” themed cupcakes to fit the party theme.

The animals were made with coloured fondant (aka pettinice), and they took me a good week or so to finish. The cakes were vanilla, and the icing was a plain butter icing coloured with blue and white. I then piped it onto the cakes in a two-tone pattern to look like water!

under the sea cupcakes, sugar paste sea animals, jeanette verster

This gawjiss shot is courtesy of Jeanette Verster Photography!

I was rather pleased with the result.


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