Secret Centre Cupcakes!

I haven’t done secret centre cupcakes for so long! Four of these chocolate cuppies have malted, chocolate covered Whispers inside, four have creme caramels and the remaining four are filled with soft caramel!

20141121_092133There were strawberry daiquiri cupcakes in the same order but I forgot to photograph them!


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A Cupcake Variety For Bijal

Bijal is a fabulously regular customer of mine and she always orders a variety of flavours to please everyone’s palates!!

This time she ordered chocolate and vanilla marble cupcakes, with my signature “Soft Serve” icing in chocolate and vanilla with a Flake.

chocolate and vanilla marble cupcake, chocolate and vanilla soft serve butter icing

And she ordered my Strawberry Heaven cupcakes! Its a delectable combination of fresh strawberries, shortbread biscuits and white chocolate…

strawberry heaven cupcake, white chocolate truffle, secret centre

I also delivered a box of cappuccino cupcakes with a cappuccino flavoured butter icing on top!