A Dude’s Birthday

These were ordered for a guy’s birthday. He’s a Twitter user, so the fact that his ID fitted perfectly on 12 cupcakes made the order ideal!

I baked chocolate cupcakes in black paper cups, and then- after slicing off a little bit of the top to make them flat- I covered them with a thick layer of chocolate fudge icing. Doing one letter at a time, I wrote his Twitter name onto the cupcakes using cream cheese icing.

A Christmas Order

These were ordered by someone who has had lots of my cupcakes, and these are her favourites!

They’re the strawberry cupcakes- the ones with fresh strawberry pulp in them- topped with cream cheese icing, moulded fondant Christmas themed decorations and gold dragees.

They survived a car trip to Durban after being refrigerated overnight, and once there her brothers were doing everything in their power to take them off each other!

Some feedback from Sheena on her order: “I’ve been a long-time fan of Angel’s cupcakes and whenever I can, I indulge! I’ve never tasted a bad cup-cake and in December I decided to show the rest of my family what I was always harping on about by taking a batch down with me to Durban.  The cupcakes survived a 7 hour drive, and my brothers took to betting, bribing and trading each other for cup cakes.  I don’t think they lasted 24 hours with them around.  Strawberry cheesecake flavour is my absolute best, and I say so whenever recommending Angel’s cupcakes to my friends.


Burger Cupcakes

I attempted to bake cupcakes that look like little burgers for my nephew Nathan’s 5th birthday party.

New cupcakes ideas don’t always look like I want them to look on the first attempt though…

First I baked plan vanilla cupcakes with sesame seeds on top to represent the burger bun, and then I baked chocolate cupcakes that were to become the “burger patty”. Unfortunately I bumped one of the switches on the oven and burnt the tops of the chocolate ones – rendering them unusable for the “patties” – but I could use the bottom halves…

While they cooled, I made a white butter icing and then I thinly sliced some green glace cherries to represent pickles.
Then I cut the vanilla ones in half, and cut the bottoms off the chocolate ones. Using a blob of strawberry jam, I stuck the bottoms of the chocolate ones to the bottoms of the vanilla ones.

I divided the finished white icing in half, and coloured one lot with yellow and one lot with red… though I have yet to master the art of red icing! I always get a pinkish colour o.O !
Thanx to tips in my baking books, I have found the easiest way to fill a piping bag is to put it into a tall glass, folding the edges over the cup, and then spoon the icing into the bag. Then you just twist it shut and squeeze!

I then piped yellow icing onto one half of the chocolate part of the cupcake, topped it with a few “pickle slices” (the cherries), and then piped on the “red” icing, after filling the piping bag the same way.
Then I topped it with the other half of the vanilla cupcakes.

New Year’s Promise

Shortly after Christmas we were on holiday in the Cape and staying with my boyfriend’s brother in Plumstead. I had promised him I would bake cupcakes for him while we were there, so on New Year’s day I baked red velvet cupcakes for Louis. He has a fabulous kitchen and oven so it was a pleasure to bake for him.

I decorated them with white butter icing and party themed sprinkles- stars and coloured vermicelli.