An 81st Birthday!

Alida ordered these for her daddy darling’s birthday celebration! These are chocolate cupcakes in gold cups with gold fondant numbers, gold dragees and chocolate butter icing!

I also made her one special one to eat since she battles not to eat her orders before she gets where she’s going!!! This one is chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing and chocolate chips!!

My Birthday Cupcakes

I couldn’t possibly have a birthday party without cupcakes, and since I was expecting too many guests, I decided to bake two different batches of cupcakes.

The first batch I did was a peanut butter cupcake! It was absolutely divine! Instead of icing them, I put a swirl of caramel on top with some silver dragees for decoration.

For the other batch I baked the strawberry cupcakes again- I do love this recipe- and decorated them with a two-tone pink and white butter icing and a strawberry flavoured jelly sweet on top of the icing.

They disappeared very quickly indeed!