I didn’t take part as a wedding planner, but I dropped off 6 dozen cupcakes of all kinds for the attendees to taste test!

There were coffee flavoured cupcakes with mini koeksister secret centres, chocolate cupcakes with strawberry secret centres. There were strawberry cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes with creme-caramel secret centres and red velvet cupcakes. I did vanilla butter icing, cream cheese icing and chocolate butter icing. And I used all sorts of different decorations including fondant flowers, fresh raspberries and cherries.

I’m hoping the brides and wedding planners who are taking part in the speed-date-a-wedding-planner day will all be future customers!


My First Wedding!

Ilse got married today, at La Campana in Benoni.

Ilse found my business card in my dad’s hospital room about a month ago and said she was convinced it was a sign as she has a thing about angels! We chatted a bit, and she settled on the chocolate cakes in silver cups with red fondant hearts and silver dragees for decoration.

The cake was make by Salon de Culinaire.

Our Engagement Shoot Cupcakes!!

I baked cupcakes for our engagement shoot in January. I actually kept a few cupcakes from several batches I’d baked through the week- so they weren’t all terribly fresh… I then iced all the extras I’d kept so they’d be pretty in the photographs.

I forgot to photograph them, so these are photographs by the always fantastic Jeanette Verster!!