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Thanks a million for the AWESOME CAKE!!!!
It looked stunning and tasted DIVINE!!!!
I would just like to thank for the beautiful cake and cupcakes!
They were absolutely delicious, even though eggless.
I have already recommended you to friends and family.
Have a lovely day,
I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for what you’ve done.
These look absolutely amazing and they smell divine.
I will most definitely recommend you to everyone I know.
Thank you so much, appreciate it!
Your cake! Was again the hit of the party! 😘😘😘😘
Oh my goodness you are absolutely the best 😘
Thanks very much for the cupcakes. They were really great!
Several people asked where I got them, so they have your name now!
We even had  a super-fit, never-eat-any-cake-or-sweets colleague who had.
Many thanks
Thank you so much for your awesome cakes and that you are willing –
yet again – to do this for us. It has become a ritual for our family… everyone is expecting this wonderful cake LOL!
And I have to say… I wouldn’t want it any other way, for it has ALWAYS been the hit of the party.
Angel, the client was absolutely ecstatic about the cake.
Thanks so much for your extraordinary talent in creating such wonderful work!!
So much more to come!!!
Angel… Amelia’s cake is STUNNING!!! Love it!!! Thank you so much!!!
Have a fabulous long weekend, see you next Friday. 🙂
Morning Angel!
Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you!
The cupcakes were the cutest little things ever, so yummy and were an absolute hit with the guests!
Thank you for taking care of our order and just being so efficient.
It was an absolute delight working with you!
Have a fabulous day!
Thank you for creating this beautiful cake. And under pressure.
The birthday boy got hold of the bubbles and clouds and smeared cake in his hair. It was delicious
Love from
Claire, Allan, Jordan & Logan
Today I scored enough browny points to last me till next year this time … although some people did ask about “the little cute bottle” 😱🤦🏼‍♀😂🤣
Thank you, my dear cupcake lady for never disappointing 🌺💝🌸
Thanks Angel they’re perfect 😍
Wanted to tell u that your cupcakes were a HIT.
People LOVED and enjoyed them. I didn’t even get a taste.
Thank you so much.
What can I say … I’ve scored enough brownie points with my family to last a while with all the yummy cupcakes today. It’s was truly a feast. I especially enjoyed the strawberry cheesecake cupcakes 🍓 even though the cappuccino is still my favourite. The chocolate soft serve 🍦 was a total hit with the little ones and adults alike. My nieces decorated the cupcakes with candles because it’s a birthday and a birthday needs candles 😂🤣
The cake, cupcakes and cookies were delicious 😋 and everything was so beautiful!
Thank you so much Angel, as always – out of this world!!! 😍🎂
Wowowowow is all I can say.
Such an epic cake by the @CupcakeLadyZA for my son’s birthday.
Got none stop compliments for the cake from @CupcakeLadyZA . That was probably the best birthday I have had.
Thank you so so much for the amazing cake and cupcakes! The cake was just incredible. More than we imagined.
Thank you again, Melissa and Neale
Just want to say a very BIG thank you for the beautiful cake and cupcakes you made for my baby shower this past weekend. Wow!!! Simply amazing!!! Was very hard to cut the cake, a masterpiece.
Everything was so beautifully made, the little animals, the acorns, mushrooms…just perfect…not to mention it was beyond divine!!!!!!
Everyone couldn’t stop talking about the cake and cupcakes 🙂 Really appreciate it, thank you so much.
Kind regards, Angie
Hi Angel, thank you so much for the most yummy cupcakes for my birthday lunch!
They were absolutely delicious and so beautiful. I really appreciate it. Thank you! Sharon 💐
Just want to thank you very much for cupcakes on Friday, it was very stunning and delicious.
Everyone was beyond impressed.
Look forward to chatting soon,
I am sure you hear this a lot so I hope it means to you as much as I am trying to convey: The cake you baked was amazingly beautiful and so very delicious. The cake was a (big!) subject of discussion and all our guests complimented on how tasty it was.
Thank you so much for your part in making our baby’s first birthday so special.
Estelle Gouws
I just thought to drop you a line or two to wax lyrical about the cake you made for my sister’s wedding on Saturday. Both the vanilla and red velvet tasted really good. I usually don’t eat cake, but with the one you made, I could hardly contain myself.
Thank you very much. It was a pleasure doing business with you. We will definitely call again. I took some with me back to Cape Town. You really are talented. The design was also on point!
Emma is thrilled!
Thank you
Thank you, Sharlene was very happy.
She said it was exactly as she imagined it would be and she said it was so yummy. <3
Thank you for the gorgeous cake that you made for our beautiful wedding day. It looked absolutely stunning and was so delicious, we received numerous comments. Thank you so much again for making our day special with us!!!
Just wanted to say thank you very much, once again for a beautiful cake that lit up my son’s eyes once again!!!!!!
And it was delicious and was devoured savagely as any T-Rex cake should be.
Take Care, we will be in contact again 😀
Yours Sincerely
I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks 😀 Wow..
Angel you are AWESOME! Thank you soooo much, they are beautiful!!!
Everyone thinks theirs is the best! Well done 👍🏻😀
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the cake… So nice and so deelish!
The exquisite cupcakes were a treat….thank you!
No doubt you will be hearing from us for future occasions…
Regards, Bridget
Thank you!  As always the cake was beautiful and delicious 🙂
Thank you for the amazing pirate ship cake.
Both cakes tasted out of this world.
Every year you out do the year before.
Kind regards
Firstly, a HUGE thank you for the outstanding cakes. You just blew our expectations out of the water.
Not only were the cakes beautiful to behold but equally as scrumptious.
Anyone who says people don’t like cake clearly has not had yours. There was not one cupcake left and only one slice of chocolate cake, which we devoured the next day! We will have to order another cake from you for our one year anniversary 🙂 No one even noticed the top tier was gluten free.
It looked adorable. We were thrilled. My only wish is that I could have taken it all home with me!
All the best
Thank you, so much for my daughter’s beautiful cake on Saturday.
It looked gorgeous and tasted delicious. Keiana’s eyes lit up when she saw it and she absolutely loved it. 🙂
No one was allowed the unicorn so it is still intact at home. 🙂
Take care.
Kind Regards
Since my son’s first birthday you have made his cakes and every year I think it can’t possibly get even better and yet it does. This year his Dino cake you made was amazing. I was so blown away. It tasted even better than it looked. I just want to say a BIG BIG thank you again for an amazing job.
Hi Angel
I just wanted to let you know how thrilled Aidan was with his humpty dumpty cake.
It far exceeded our expectations and our guests were blown away by your work.
Thank you so much and we look forward to using you again.
I just wanted to let you know I’m absolutely blown away by your creation!!! Wow!!! It’s better than I expected, absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. We are going to have the cupcakes tonight, can’t wait!!
Thanks again!
Thank you angel, they were gobbled up so quickly!
Should have ordered more 🙂
Mick and I wanted to say a final big thank you for your part in making our big day the success that it was. The cakes and treats were incredible! The guests went crazy when the table was opened to them. 🙂 The wedding cake looked beautiful too and was delicious! You really worked magic with the fake flowers!
Also, the special touch in leaving a bit of fudge over was truly a special detail that was much appreciated! It gave me a chance to actually taste some 🙂
Wishing you all the success with your business, and hopefully we will be using you soon again in the future!
Mick & Nadya
Hi Angel, Your Cakes are truly Heavenly!
We would like to send huge thanks for our son’s birthday cake.  Our guests were pleading with us
not to cut the cake because it was sooooo beautiful.
My son was absolutely ecstatic!  Without exception everyone complemented us on the cake.
Thanks once again, for helping us complete a very special occasion!
We will definitely be calling you soon for the next family celebration.
Yours Sincerely
Adrian, Ivana & Gabriel
I just wanted to thank you for the really great cake you made for our little girls first birthday!! The cake looked stunning and it tasted fabulous too. Thank you so much!
I would like to thank you for the excellent service and the great great cake. It was cut in Mpumalanga and half came back here in Midrand, some I had to deliver in Vaal. My cousin is off to the EC today and will be taking some.
Everything about this cake was awesome. I really appreciate it, thanks a lot.
I would just once again like to thank you SO much for the prettiest cake ever! My son LOVED it, and it was the final touch to a perfect birthday. The cupcakes were so beautiful, no one wanted to eat them…  😉  Everyone just kept staring at them and asking for your contact details!
The cake itself was DELICIOUS and moist, even my mom that does not really eat cake, had 2 pieces! 🙂
Thank you again, and I will most certainly be in contact again next year.
Bye for now!
Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you! The cake and cupcakes were EXQUISITE and there is very little of that enormous cake left! It was DELICIOUS and moist, so rare to get both of those right!
Thanks again and we’ll definitely give you a call soon for more cakes 🙂
Nicki & David Dadic
Thank you, thank you, thank you. The cake and the fudge were amazing. You made my little boy’s birthday so very special. Everything was perfect and tasted divine.
Thank-you again
Daine LOVED his cupcakes!!
Completely overwhelmed with joy and yumminess 😉
Just wanted to thank you so much for the brilliant job you did with the cupcake jars for the bachelorette.
They went down a treat and were delicious!
You will definitely be hearing from me going forward.
Have a lovely weekend.
OMG… I ONLY got the chance to taste the RED VELVET Cupcakes… I was blown away. Worth every penny spent.
Thank you so much, you did an awesome job, everything about your cupcakes are delectable and simply beautiful. It was a melt in the mouth, (aero) moment…
My daughter refused to let us touch any other until this afternoon, how crazy is that..so we will get to do the balance if any left (which I doubt)this afternoon.
I will definitely be placing more orders and recommending your services.
Take care
Thanks, they look gorgeous! I think the person they are meant for will be happy!
Great service!
Just look at this incredible write up in The New Age titled “Cupcake Heaven
Wow they are amazing wow wow wow wow wow wow
I have to say a big thank you for the cupcakes and the cake you made for us. The girls absolutely loved them and even went home with takeaways too!!!!
You have a special talent. The attention to detail on the bears and their accessories was amazing and the flavor absolutely divine as always.
You are definitely our Cupcake lady of choice.
Just to say thank you so much for the cupcakes my husband collected on Saturday – they were beautiful and our daughter loved them.
Kind regards
OMW… The cupcakes are simply delicious.
Cant stop eating them 🙂
Been singing your praises 🙂 you should be getting orders soon.
Thanks so much for the awesome cupcakes! We had a split decision though, between the Tequila & Lime Margarita ones and the Rich dark chocolate ones. Being a chocoholic, I fell for the dark chocolate.
Thank you. You brought a lot of joy to my daughter, her friends and all of us.
Thanks so much for the beautiful cake and cupcakes you created for Emma’s birthday. It brought much delight to Emma (and the family). All were absolutely delicious. I have posted a comment on your blog and will definitely recommend you going forward.
I greatly appreciate the time and effort you took – and your patience as the idea evolved. Next year should be easier 😉
OMW how flattering is this: The Mother Cupping Cupcake!!
Thank you so much |Swimming Upstream|V2.0|
I would just like to sincerely thank you for the exquisite cupcakes that you made for my 21st. Definitely the best I have ever tasted. They, firstly, looked absolutely gorgeous and were exactly what I had in mind. Secondly, the taste was amazing! So moist, rich and yummy…. Thanks for the prompt and on-time delivery as well and for making sure everything ran 100% smoothly. We will definitely be making use of your services in the near future!
Thanks so much once again =)
Cara du Preez
I just wanted to thank you so much for the awesome cupcakes,
they looked great and everyone LOVED them
This is absolutely perfect thank you!
I am totally blown away Angel – they are gorgeous, THANK YOU 🙂 We shall do this more hehe
Thank you for the amazing cupcakes!
They were absolutely stunning! Not to mention deeeelicious!
Hi there
I just want to say thank you very much for the amazing cup cakes!
They were just fabulous and the boss loved them as did everyone else. 🙂
Check out this phenomenal write up from Syllable in the City:
Let Them Have Cake
O wow! I cant believe it’s taken me this long to get around to this!!!
My snazzy black and red glitter bridal shower cupcakes were a HIT! Apart from looking gorgeous, they were delicious!
Cheers to Angel and her immense talent! I’ll definitely be back for more 🙂
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the most amazing looking and deliciously tasting cupcakes ever!
They were a huge hit, and everyone kept asking where they were from…  You should have a few new customers after last night 🙂
Hope you don’t mind if I tag your website on Facebook?
Thank you again
Mel 🙂
Thanks again for all the special cupcakes and for delivering them.
Colette had a wonderful surprise and loads of fun with her friends. Only one girl ate hers the others took it home as they said they are to beautiful to eat.
Thanks again
Thanks very much for the awesome cupcakes, will definitely be using you more often!
Thank you from everyone at QMuzik for the yummydelicious cup cakes!
The icing – mmmmmmmmmmm!
The cake – so soft and fresh!
Secret centres to die for!
We are ALL impressed and loved them!!
They were divine. Comment was that they ‘were the best cupcakes ever’.
Morning Angel, thank you so much. The cupcakes were perfect and so delicious. I will be revering you to everyone I know. And you will hear from me again.
Thanks again.
You’re officially our new adiction.
The cupcakes are delicious! Thanks.
It’s Ilani!
I just want to thank you for my super BEAUTIFUL and funky “21st” cupcakes!
I enjoyed it very much, and my friends LOVED them, the perfect desert!
It was literally the icing on the cake of the night!*
Lovely lovely cupcakes.. Loved them.
Thank soo much.
Thank you so so much, it is absolutely gorgeous!!! My sister loved it, she said it is far to pretty to eat:)
I appreciate it very much, you will hear from me again to make some lovely cupcakes for me and my friends:)
Thank you!!!
Warm Regards
They were to DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very fattening and very amazing!!
Definetly a great treat 🙂

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